Go way beyond and included in Corporate training

Augmented reality and Virtual Reality are now not just limited to Aviation training and Nature study courses but go way beyond and can be included in Corporate training as well.
AR-VR process offers first hand experience without physically being present at the necessary scene is what can really get your employees engaged, if not any other learning portal. Simply put, it includes gamification, virtual training, branching simulation all integrated into one among many of the services to serve you the most appropriate for your business model.

AR-VR learning assistance offers a wide range of benefits to choose from such as:

  • Enhances Virtual Training Simulations.
  • Allows Gamification in eLearning Courses.

Does it sound like the ideal method to train your employees?
Splurge, along with its renewed cloud tools and latest technology, is here to make the training for your workforce fun and interesting while enjoying the benefits of AR-VR through us!